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30 Day Peloton Challenge Day 19 Update

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Day 19 Update
Day 19 Update

Day 19 Update

It's Sunday evening and this morning I completed the 19th day of my 30-Day Peloton Challenge. I'm 3/4 of the way through and I thought this would be a good time to check in and document challenges and how I'm feeling. I did jump on the scale and I didn't lose any weight this time around. I'm a little disappointed because after my 7-day update, I lost 2 pounds. I had zero expectations of weight loss when I committed to this challenge so no big deal. My biggest goal is actually just riding the bike for 30 days straight!

30 Min 80's Ride With Bradley Rose
30 Min 80's Ride With Bradley Rose


My first 7 days went as planned. I got on the bike and rode my 30 minutes every day without a hitch. Last week I think was the first minor road bump of the challenge. The night before was one of those nights when I couldn't get to sleep. I'd wake up every hour and look at the time on my phone. I don't know if I wasn't feeling good or not but sleep wasn't happening. The next morning I woke up and felt like total garbage. On any other day I would have taken the day off but when you've committed to a challenge that's not an option. That day I first completed a weightlifting session in my shed gym and then my 30-minute ride. I got through it but I wasn't happy. It wasn't an A+ plus training day but if you've been exercising for a while you know sometimes a C+ workout is better than nothing!

Diet and Nutrition

On my 7-day update, I reported back my diet was about 90 percent dialed in. That's right where I want to be because it's the perfect combination of discipline and being able to enjoy food. Well, I think I'd say my diet was about 75-80 percent dialed in this week. Last weekend we had a little family get-together and we had a pierogi-making feast. This weekend was St Patrick's day and I had some corned beef I turned into some Rubens. Considering that, it's not a surprise there was no weight loss. I'll be aiming for 90 percent again this week.

15 MIn Climb Ride with Ben Alldis Part 1 of Day 8
15 MIn Climb Ride with Ben Alldis Part 1 of Day 8


19 days into my first 30-day fitness challenge I've ever started and I feel surprisingly good. I had ideas that at some point without a day off I would have muscle soreness or a nagging injury but that hasn't been the case. I think I've also managed my ride selection to try and combat that as well. I'll do a couple of harder rides and then complete a low-impact ride. If I did 7 HIIT rides in a row I don't know if I'd be this far. With the challenge more than halfway over I'm excited to see the end.

The Home Stretch

11 more days to go and I can almost see the finish line. In the beginning, I didn't know if I'd be able to finish. Now I know that I will. With my remaining time, I want to concentrate on my diet so I'm in that 90 percent grove again. Couple that with my rides and I have no doubt I'll come out of this stronger!

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