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My 80-Pound Rock Weight Dumbbell Review

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

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Santa Brought Rock Weights

Rock Weight 80 Pound Dumbbells Empty
Rock Weight 80 Pound Dumbbells Empty

I scrolled my Facebook feed and mentioned multiple times to my wife that these Rock Weight Dumbbells looked interesting. My Bowflex 552 adjustable dumbbells go up to 52.5 pounds so I was looking for something heavier I could put in my shed gym. Well, my wife jumped on that and when I opened them Christmas morning I admit I was pretty excited to get them ready to go!

Who Makes Rock Weight Dumbbells?

Rock Weights operates a website where it sells a variety of concrete-filled dumbbells and kettlebells. They make dumbbells in the 40-pound, 60-pound, and 80-pound varieties. For kettlebells, they have a 40-pounder. They offer individual weights or bundles to save some money. They claim their weights can handle any drop test and are Made in the USA.

Time To Go To Homedepot

Normally after getting some new dumbbells there's nothing left to do but go lift. With the Rock Weights Dumbbells, you got to go to the hardware store and get some concrete and rebar (optional). Two 80-pound bags of Quikrete and a couple of pieces of rebar cost me under 20 bucks.

Time To Do Some Mixing

Rock Weight Dumbbells With Concrete

After the trip to Homedepot, I broke out the wheelbarrow, garden hose, and shovel. Luckily after the Christmas snow storms we had here in Oxford, Michigan, it's now 50 degrees outside. Being warm is good because I'm outside mixing concrete and working with water. I really have no experience working with concrete but honestly, it was pretty easy. I used the instructions on the back of the bag to try and get the water-to-concrete ratio right.

It's Filing Time

I got my mud, shovel, and my Rock Weights ready to go. This is the slowest part of the process but the most important step. I scoop a shovel of mud in the dumbbell and then I slam the dumbbell on the ground so the cement levels and there are no air pockets. After I got both of them filled I put the rebar in. The rebar is optional but it's supposed to increase the strength. I figure I get one shot at this so I should make it count. After it's all said and done I have probably a quarter of a wheelbarrow of mud I didn't use. I carry them in the house and now have to be patient.

The Waiting Game

Rock Weight Dumbbells Drying

I remember when I was young getting a new bike for Christmas. It's exciting until you realize December in Michigan really isn't optimal bike-riding weather. So I had to wait and that was hard! I'm feeling that a little bit here but I'm probably being a little dramatic. I poured them Saturday morning and my plan is to give them a shot Tuesday evening. Per the Rock Weights Website Tutorial I need to wait 2-3 days to dry and 2-4 weeks before dropping them so they can cure.

Time To Lift Some Rock Weights!

For the last 8 months, I've been working out in my shed with my Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells. They provide a great workout but I've been looking for something heavier. That's where these 80-pounders come in.

I was carrying them to my shed gym and I was thinking maybe I bit off more than I can chew. They were solid and felt like a ton! The first exercise I did with them was a flat bench dumbbell press. They performed great and I was able to do 5-6 reps for 5 sets. As you can see in the pictures above they are a little awkward feeling because they are shaped a little differently than traditional dumbbells. Once I did a couple of sets that awkwardness went away and I never thought about it again. There is absolutely no sacrifice in the quality of the workout using the rock weights.

What I Like About Rock Weights

  • Cost- You can't beat the cost of their 80-pound molds. During the holidays they were running a buy one get one half off. An 80-pound mold is $39 so a pair was $58. My Home Depot trip for concrete and rebar was another $18. So all in they cost $76.50. That's unbelievably cheap in comparison to standard Hex Dumbbells. I found a pair of Rep Rubber Hex Dumbbells on Amazon for $375. That's a huge savings!

  • Quality- They looked nice online but you never know until you get them in your hands. The molds are really sturdy and when you pick up the dumbbell it doesn't feel cheap. I can see why they say they can handle any drop test.

What I Didn't Like About Rock Weights

  • There is Labor Involved- This didn't deter me from wanting them and I obviously knew I had to mix concrete from the Facebook ads. Honestly, it took me about 30 mins to mix, fill and clean up. A small negative for me but might be a deal breaker for someone that doesn't want to mix concrete.

  • Awkward Size- 80-pound dumbbells are big enough but these plastic molds have a bigger more awkward profile. It took a little getting used to but so did my Bowflex adjustable dumbbells. A few sets into my workout and I forgot I wasn't using traditional dumbbells.

Am I Happy?

The 80 Pound Rock Weights are a smart buy if you are looking for an affordable alternative to traditional dumbbells. I'm going to be integrating these dumbbells on lifts where I'm looking to go heavier than my adjustable dumbbells (52.5 pounds). Since I've only used them once my biggest question will be about long-term durability but the quality seems to be there. Check them out and give them a shot!

Update 2/13/23

It's been about 6 weeks since I filled my Rock Weights with concrete. A couple of things I'd like to update the review with that might be helpful if you're considering purchasing.

The Actual Weight Of My Rock Weights
The Actual Weight Of My Rock Weights

I purchased the 80-pound dumbbells and filled them up with concrete. There is no science to it. I mixed the concrete up following the directions that were on the bag. I then filled it up all the way to the top. So today I decided to weigh them to see how close they were. 76 pounds is close but it's not 80 pounds. For me, it's not a deal breaker. My adjustable dumbbells go up to 52.5 pounds so I bought these so I could have something heavier for big lifts.

Wear-Tear Mark On My Rock Weight
Wear-Tear Mark On My Rock Weight

On their website, they say "Designed to withstand drops from any height. Just don't go dropping it from the roof of your house!" I have been lifting with these in my shed gym at home. I'm not dropping the dumbbells from tall heights. The biggest drop they withstand is after I'm done with a set of dumbbell bench presses. I lower the weight as far as I can and drop them maybe a foot. You can see in the photo there are some abrasions/dents on a couple of the edges. They are still completely functional but I got my eye on them. I'm still satisfied with the dumbbells at the 6-week mark but let's see at 6 months!

Rock Weights Now On Amazon!

The good news is if you want to buy a pair of Rock Weights you can now go on Amazon and take advantage of the free shipping if your a Prime Member!

Paid Link. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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