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Joe Skamiera Personal Trainer

Hello, Thank you for visiting Skamiera Personal Fitness! My name is Joe Skamiera and I am a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM) living in Oxford Michigan with my wife and son.  I decided to become a trainer after having spent years of being overweight and unhappy with myself. 


This wasn’t the path I thought I’d be on if you asked me 5 years ago. I was 60 pounds heavier living an unhealthy lifestyle and it showed! Pizza and beer were both staples in my diet and exercise was nonexistent. I had tried many times to diet but always found a reason to fail. My doctor giving me my results to my physical seemed like he was giving my eulogy while I was alive! With a 5 year old son and wife at home I needed to change.


First thing I did was take a leap of faith and started a solid exercise program and a cleaner but sustainable diet. After that leap of faith came personal accountability and to trust that quality in would equal quality out.This is the foundation of my weight loss and fitness journey and this is what I’ll be bringing to the table when we work together. 


With my background and experience I understand how tough it is to stick to a healthy lifestyle. I want to use my successes and failures to help you make positive changes in Peoples lifes. 


I want to provide information that will give you the tools you need so you can discover what I have. That your fitness JOurney goes hand in Hand with your quality of life!

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