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My Huel Review

Updated: Sep 20

Bag of Huel
My Bag of Huel

Table of Contents

Why I Tried Huel

I'm Probably Lactose Intolerant

What is Huel?

The Good

The Bad

The Verdict


Update Huel On Amazon!

Why I Tried Huel

Before I tried Huel I was a whey protein guy. I'd buy it in the big tubs or bags and am currently sitting on a unused big bag from Costco. I probably shouldn't have bought it because I knew a change had to be made. Every time I had a shake the in the last few months my body was trying to tell me something..........

I'm Probably Lactose Intolerant

I haven't gone to the doctor to confirm, but it's obvious dairy gives me big problems. If you look up symptoms or signs for lactose intolerance you'll see increased gas, diarrhea, and bloating on that list. I check every damn box! I can feel great all day but as soon as I have a protein shake (or pizza, ice cream, milk) symptoms will kick in real quick. You think you're doing the right thing by having a shake at night but laying in bed with your stomach gurgling says - wrong! I didn't need to be diagnosed to say my body becomes an active volcano after dairy. What I need is a solution to my problem. How do I consume more protein and avoid dairy? That is where Huel comes in.

What is Huel?

Per their website, Huel stands for Human + Fuel. They have a few types of shakes but I chose their standard original white bag. It's nutritionally balanced and most important for me it doesn't include dairy. All the ingredients are completely plant-based. It's a no-frills clean calorie source. The 30 grams of protein that you get in each shake comes from peas and brown rice.

Huel's ingredient list
Huel's ingredient list

It's a complete meal replacement because it has healthy fats, carbohydrates, fiber, and 27 vitamins and minerals. I always believe you should consume a whole food meal but if you had to these ingredients make it a close 2nd to the real thing.











The Good

  • It Tastes Good!- For it being a non-dairy shake it tastes really good. The only thing I'll say is it's a little grainy I assume because one of the main ingredients is oats. I have used a shaker bottle but it was the best when I used a blender. They got a bunch of flavors but I reviewed the caffe latte.

  • You feel Full- Drinking a protein shake from whey and I'd be hungry in 30 mins. The Huel meal replacement is a 400-calorie nutrient-dense meal. So I drink one of these and feel good for a few hours. Something to consider if you need a quick portable meal that will keep you going.

  • Plant-Based Ingredients- If your eating a plant-based diet then this is a vegan-friendly option worth looking at. I eat meat so for me that wasn't a selling point. The selling point for me was that it is dairy-free. Zero symptoms for me after I drank it. My digestion problems went away with this nondairy protein source.

  • Makes Meal Prepping Easier I still eat 3 whole meals a day but for the other 2-3 I've been using Huel. I mix a couple of shakes in the blender in the morning and put them in my cooler for work. When its that easy you really make eating healthy automatic.

The Bad

  • You could say it's pricey (You'd Be Wrong!)- If you compare the price of Huel with a tub of whey protein per serving you'll think Huel is expensive. Drill down a little deeper and you'll see Huel is a great value. If you order on a subscription you can get 2 bags for $75 and shipping is free. That works out to $2.21. I challenge you to make a meal that is that convenient and nutritious for that price. Whey will be cheaper but it will not include healthy fats, carbs, vitamins, and minerals.

  • You can't buy it in stores- If you run out unfortunately your not going to be able to run to the store and get some that day. Huel meal replacements are not sold in stores as of right now. Fortunately, Huel has a subscription service where you can manage the frequency it gets shipped to you. They also give you a discount when you enroll in the subscription so it's a win-win. When I did place my order it took about 3 days so it's pretty quick.

The Verdict

Do I like using Huel? Yes, I do! I needed a protein-rich drink that didn't have dairy so it would go easy on my digestive tract. Huel does exactly that and because it's an all-in-one meal it gives me so much more. Huel is not only helping with my digestive issues but it's also helping with my meal prep and weight management. I think in the next 2 months I'll write a follow-up to see if I've made any physical changes since adding Huel to my diet.


Want to give Huel a shot and save $15 on your first order? Use this referral link and save some money on your first order! Enjoy!

UPDATE 7-13-23 Huel On Amazon!

Up above I stated you can't buy it in stores and I still haven't seen one that carries Huel. I did however just stumble across Huel on Amazon. That might make it more enticing if you're an Amazon Prime Member. The Huel Store on Amazon didn't seem to have as much variety at the time I'm writing this as their own website. If you like the variety I'd still use the referral link above and go right to Huel's website and get the discount. They offer free shipping on orders over $59!

Paid Link. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Update 09-20-23 Huel Daily Greens Review

I recently tried Huel Daily Greens for a 30-day trial. If you'd like to get some information from someone who used it please check this post out! Thanks!

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