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My MacroStax Review Part 2

More Time Has Passed

MacroStax Daily Meals
MacroStax Daily Meals

About 40 days has passed since I wrote My MacroStax Review. When I wrote that review I only had a couple of weeks under my belt with Macrostax. With 40 more days of usage, I can drill down further and give a better review.

A Quick Review

If you have the time please take a look at my part one review. If you don't have the time let's layout a quick summary of the review so we can get on with the new stuff.

What is Macrostax Review?

It's a user-friendly app that tracks your macros and allows you to set daily goals for yourself. It includes a food scanner, a recipe section, and a progress section where you can track your stats.

MacroStax Recipes
MacroStax Recipes

Macrostax Pros Review

The app makes it really easy to track food. You can either enter it manually or scan it quickly. The app also comes with a recipe section that gives you macros broken down for each serving. The tracking screen allows you to measure your results by weight, body fat %, or body part measurements. Also, you can get ideas and support from a Facebook Community that is very active with app users.

Macrostax cons Review

The price of the app could be seen as less than budget-friendly. It is 19.99 a month or $9.99 if you pay upfront for the whole year.

The Verdict

I recommended it. If you don't mind the monthly/yearly payment it's a great app for tracking your macros and keeping yourself steady.

Where I am Today

My Breakfast Macros
My Breakfast Macros

I started using the app back on July 31st and outside of a week's vacation in August, I'm using it consistently. Every day I'm entering my food into the app and I'm happy with the way things have been going. This week I've switched the setting on my Macrostax app from Phase 1 fat loss to Phase 2 fat loss. It reduces my food intake but I haven't struggled. Here is what the difference was for me.

Phase 1

Phase 2













As you can see on the table it really isn't a big deal. We are talking about 284 calories which is easy to get rid of in your daily calorie intake. You can also see in this table I'm not starving myself. In fact on busy days I sometimes find it hard to get all my meals in which is why Huel shakes are a lifesaver.

Is it Time Consuming?

Before I started using Macrostax I thought counting macros was time-consuming and would get in the way of my life. I'm telling you right now I was wrong. Counting macros is easy, especially with this app. The Macrostax app keeps the foods you use regularly under a shortcuts tab. I'm a creature of habit so I eat probably the same 10 things throughout the week. So for example I eat Kodiak Cakes for breakfast almost every morning. With my pancakes, I eat 4 links of turkey sausage. So every morning instead of rescanning each item it's already listed under my "recently used". I tap my pancakes and turkey sausage in the app and my breakfast is entered in and I'm done in 5 seconds. Now if I liked eating out, and never liked eating the same thing twice entering my food would take more time. I think most people go shopping weekly so you'll be able to key in your food and use the shortcut for at least a few days.

It Keeps You Honest

I try to be honest when it comes to my diet. I always thought I was really good at eyeballing a plate of food and being able to tell you how many carbs/fats/proteins are there. Macrostax tells me I was overconfident in my abilities. When you overestimate the fat in your breakfast, the carbs in your lunch and dinner it adds up. Even if it's 5 grams. Multiply that 5 grams over many meals throughout the week and I now know why my weight loss goals sometimes stalled. Macrostax keeps me honest and prevents me from overeating. It also makes sure that I'm not under-eating protein. 8 ounces of chicken breast is a good chunk of meat. After using this for a couple of months I bet I've been over guessing fat and under guess protein.

Does Macrostax Produce Results?

MacroStax Weightloss Chart
MacroStax Weightloss Chart

The app can have all the bells and whistles but if it doesn't produce results it's useless. This Saturday I jumped on the scale and I lost another pound. Since using Macrostax I've lost 10 pounds in about 8 weeks minus a week-long vacation where I didn't count at all. Before then I was in a weight-loss stalemate. I was eating semi-healthy but clearly, I was over/underestimating certain macros. Once I started using the Macrostax app I consistently started to lose 1-2 pounds a week. I never starve myself and eat way more carbohydrates than I thought possible on a weight loss plan. I can recommend from my personal experience to give Macrostax a shot!

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