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MY TRX Bandit Review

Updated: Sep 7, 2023


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What's In The TRX Bandit Kit?

I bought the TRX Bandit on a Black Friday sale to diversify my workout equipment arsenal. I already owned the TRX Suspension trainer so I knew the quality would be there. Bottom Line the TRX Bandit is a brand name for resistance bands and handles. I bought the kit so I got 2 handles, 2 5-15 lb strength bands, and 2 15-30 strength bands. If you are interested in going heavier TRX has strength bands that go up to 60 - 150lbs. The website states the Bandit handles will universally fit any brand of band so if you already have some, you can save money and just buy the handles.


How The TRX Bandit Works

If you are familiar with strength bands using the TRX Bandit will be easy. Your two handles have slits that run across them. Pick out what strength band you want for the exercise and thread the band through the slit of the handle. That's it. You are ready to go! Using these in some Peloton classes I was able to switch handles to various bands in seconds and not miss any part of the workout.



Google strength band exercises and you're going to get thousands of examples that will work for the beginner up to the advanced trainer. The versatility of this single piece of exercise equipment is right up there with a set of dumbbells. The TRX Bandit is designed to target all major muscle groups including the chest, back, arms, legs, and core. With that being said I'm a back-to-the-basics kind of guy. Most of the exercises I perform with the Bandit mimic free-weight movements. The curl you do with dumbbells you can perform with the strength bands. An extra bonus with the strength bands is you can use them to warm up/cool down and stretch with. Band pull-aparts are a favorite of mine for warming up the shoulders and upper back!

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  • Portable Fitness- As an in-home personal trainer and someone who works out in their shed this is the main selling point for the Bandit. The band is lightweight and can be easily packed in a bag or suitcase. It's ideal for travelers or those who have limited space for workout equipment.

  • Versatile- As I mentioned above the TRX isn't a one-trick pony. You can get a full-body workout in. You could go heavy, you could go light, or maybe you're just looking for a stretch. This piece of fitness equipment packs a punch!

  • Affordable- Sets of dumbbells can set you back hundreds of dollars. My Bowflex adjustable-weight dumbbells were $400. They are worth it but the TRX Bandit kit is really cost-effective at $49.95. That includes two bands as well as handles. Look for holiday sales to get an even better deal!

  • Great Grip! Some people use the bands without handles and the grip is really awkward. Slip the Bandit handles on the band for a solid grip so you can actually focus on the exercise.


  • Might Be Difficult To Build Lots Of Muscle- Free weight training for muscle hypertrophy is king. That doesn't mean you can't build muscle with bands it just means it isn't as efficient. Don't abandon bangs altogether though. There are still plenty of positives!

  • Bands Will Break- A barbell and plates are made of iron and they will outlive you. Bands unfortunately will stretch and they will break one day. I've only owned the TRX Bandit for a couple of months and have had no issues so far. I know down the road I will have to replace bands but since they are so affordable this negative is very minimal. They feel very durable for something that is getting stretched the way an exercise band does.

Are They Worth Buying?

Are you looking for a simple, affordable, versatile, and portable piece of fitness equipment? If the answer is yes then you should buy the TRX Bandit. We are being overwhelmed with hyper-expensive Peloton bikes and Tonal Home Gyms. They are connected to the internet and require delivery, assembly, and a payment plan. TRX Bandit promises you variety, quality, and simplicity for 50 bucks!

Paid Link. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Update 2-12-23

Have you purchased the TRX Bandit Kit or another brand of resistance bands? Check out my blog post 7 Best Exercises to do with the Trx Bandit. If you're new to the bandit it's going to break down 7 exercises you can do for a full-body workout.

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