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How I Make Up A Missed Workout

Time Is Short

The Clock is Always Ticking!
The Clock is Always Ticking!

There are only so many days in a week and so many hours in a day. When I signed up for the Ironman 70.3 in Frankfort Michigan I knew it was going to be a time commitment. I have to commit to getting better at running, cycling (on the Peloton), swimming (starting next week), and weightlifting to keep myself strong. All of these sessions take up time in the week and because there's an endurance element to it can be a big chunk of the day. For example Sundays I do my "Long Run" either on a trail or if the weather is bad my local Planet Fitness. That long run can sometimes take up 3 hours of my day if I include drive time. When I add in work, family time, and sleep it's a full day!

I Missed a Workout Yesterday

Cold Slushy Run!
Cold Slushy Run!

So I have good news and bad news to report for yesterday. After work and family obligations, I was able to get a 5-mile run in yesterday in the dark slushy snowy conditions. I was a lot slower than usual but I finished it with wet cold feet. That's a win and I feel good about that. The bad news is I didn't get my strength training session in which was supposed to focus on my lower body. I guess I could have done it after my run but I was spent and I didn't think it would be a productive workout. I had a few ways I could have gone about it but the one thing I couldn't do was skip it. I've heard advice that you can skip it and they spin it saying you'll come back stronger. Personally, I can't do it. I would think about missing that leg workout all weekend. I'd look back at this week's training with an asterisk by it. If I want to finish an Ironman 70.3 I have to be all in. Here is how I got it all in........

My Missed Workout Solution

A Bench, Dumbbells and TRX Straps!
A Bench, Dumbbells and TRX Straps!

On Wednesday I missed my leg workout so the logical solution is to do it on Thursday. Well, that would work but on Thursday I'm supposed to do a push-workout (chest, shoulders, triceps). I could push everything a day but eventually, it's going to get in the way of my long run on Sunday. Right now my long run is the most important workout of the week. My solution is to do them both but it can't be combining both standard workouts. In a standard workout, I'm doing one set at a time and then resting for about 60 seconds or so. That type of workout takes about 45 minutes to complete. I don't want to do a workout combining the two that will take an hour and a half. So what I'm going to do is Superset my workout and merge the two. That will allow me to get both workouts in and save time.

What Is A Superset

Supersets are a style of training where you take two exercises and combine them back-to-back with no rest in between them. Usually, the two exercises are opposite movements but they can also involve the same body part. The goal of Supersets is to maximize workout efficiency by reducing time in between sets. Supersets also can increase the intensity of your workout since you are working two body parts at a time without rest.

My Superset Missed Workout (Legs-Push)

I performed each superset and then rested for about 60 seconds. I did 3 sets of each superset. Every exercise was done just short of failure.

  1. Dumbbell Incline Chest Press/Goblet Squat

  2. Dumbbell Flat Chest Press/Sumo Squat

  3. Dumbbell Fly/Trx Squat

  4. Dumbbell Shoulder Press/Trx Lunge

  5. Dumbbell Front Raise/Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift

  6. Dumbbell Lateral Raise/Calf Raise

  7. TRX Y Raise/TRX Face Pull

  8. TRX Triceps Extension

  9. 80lb Rockweight Dumbbell Close grip press

  10. Dumbbell Skull crushers.

Supersets 1-6 are straight up two unrelated body parts. After 6 I ran short on exercises so 7 is working the same area (shoulders). 8-10 are triceps and they are standard exercises without supersets.

Noticeable Superset Benefits

After my Superset-themed workout was finished I checked my Apple watch and my app and noticed some interesting data. I'm going to compare a standard "push workout" to the superset workout I just completed.

Standard Push Workout
Standard Push Workout
Superset Push and Leg Workout
Superset Push and Leg Workout

  • Time Savings- The difference between the standard workout and the superset is only 6 minutes. For just 6 more minutes I completed two workouts. I saved a lot of time doing supersets!

  • Heart Rate- My average heart rate was substantially higher. 97 with the standard workout and 109 with the superset.

  • Calorie Burn- If you do more work in a shorter amount of time and keep your heart rate up during that time you're going to burn more calories. 165 calories to be exact!

Supersets in My Future

On my journey to my first Ironman 70.3 I have some things I have to accomplish. I have to lose some weight by the time I get to Race Day. Burning more calories without having to commit more time is something I need in my training schedule. Supersets will help me in that department. Supersets will also allow me to complete more exercises in a shorter amount of time. I look at weight training not only as a way to get stronger but also as a way to avoid injury when I'm in triathlon training. The more exercises I can do the more bulletproof my body will become.

Other Training Updates

13.1 miles but no happy face!
13.1 miles but no happy face!

I Hit 13.1 miles for my long run! The last year I've been focusing on building endurance and I've come a long way! On Sunday morning I woke up at 5 am and ate some oatmeal, Greek yogurt, and toast with peanut butter and honey. After that, I had a cup of coffee and then I set my Nike Run App to 13.1 miles! I mapped out a 5-mile loop around my house and put some Kodiak Protein Balls and a Gatorade in the driveway. The first lap went pretty well outside of having to stop at my house a little longer than I anticipated (bathroom break). I ate my snack and drank my Gatorade and I was off on the second lap. I think halfway through that second lap, my hamstrings and rear end started to hurt. Didn't matter I was going to get this done in my head. Finished the second lop and then a mini loop to wrap it up. It was slow and ugly but I made it! At right around 13-minute miles I have to work on getting faster that's for sure. 2 Hours and 50 minutes is too long for a half marathon and won't cut it when I do the Ironman 70.3.

Vacation This Week

Vacation Time!
Vacation Time!

On Tuesday this week, we fly to Florida for a 5-day vacation. It's vacation time but not a vacation from my training. I'm looking forward to some warmer weather and the runs in 70 degrees will be a nice change. Michigan the last month temps have been all over the place. I've stayed at this place before so I know it has a solid gym so my training won't go to shit! Also, it has a large enough pool that I'm going to start working on the swimming portion of my training for the triathlon. Now, I just need to focus on eating 60-80 percent clean. Usually, I aim for 90 percent but I'm on vacation and the food down there is great!

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